One stop shop for all of your lubricant, commercial, fuel, equipment, and environmental needs


New West Oil has a full line of products to meet the needs of dealerships, quick lubes and service centers. Premium lubricants from Valvoline offer you the best quality available in the market today. A full line of ancillary products, including “VPS” Valvoline Professional Series fluid flush system products, as well as Valvoline “Car Brite”, the finest quality of automotive appearance products, makes New West Oil the only One – Stop – Shopping Vendor for lubricants, and related products. With a complete equipment service department, New West Oil technicians are able to handle your repair and service needs.

New West Oil also provides professional services to help you design and grow your business, train your personnel, and increase your customer retention. Whether your operation is large or small, we are there to meet your business needs.

Dealership Services

New West Oil offers a complete line of products and services to the automotive dealer industry − whether you need lubricants, automotive chemicals and flush service systems, automotive appearance products, or equipment and service, we are your one – stop – shopping vendor.

Quick Lubes

Quick Lubes

Professionals at New West Oil have decades of experience servicing the quick lube industry. The team at New West can help service your location by providing exceptional customer service, products to meet your customers needs and equipment that will fill the requirements of your shop.

Automotive Service Centers

Automotive Service Centers

New West Oil Professionals have the same excellent reputation in the service garage and service centers as we do in the entire automotive industry. We cater to the service and preventive maintenance needs of all vehicles with Valvoline and New West “Ultra” products.

Valvoline Professional Services

Complete Automotive Maintenance Programs

New West Oil is the leading authorized distributor for Valvoline Professional Series “VPS” of chemical flush service systems.

  • Transmission Services
  • Coolant Services
  • Fuel Services
  • Power Steering Services
  • A/C Heating Services
  • Brake System Services
  • Differential Services
  • Engine Cleaning Services

New West Oil offers complete ongoing professional Sales, Service Writer and Technician training complemented by customer retention tools and marketing solutions to help you develop a comprehensive service maintenance program that will increase both service profitability and customer satisfaction.

  • Business consulting plans and profit development consultants
  • Consumer promotions to drive sales and retention
  • Installation of lube equipment
  • Training
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Full line of Automotive products and service
  • Automotive maintenance equipment
  • Valvoline Professional Series flush service systems "VPS"
  • ILSAC, API, and ISO approved and certified products
Quality Valvoline Commerical products to meet the demands of your fleet, industrial applications and more.

Commercial | Heavy Duty | Industrial


Whether it be short haul or long haul, we are able to meet the ever changing demands of the engine manufactures with API and ILSAC approved lubricants. Our lineup includes engine oils, transmission oils, synthetic oils, greases, hydraulic oils, synthetic greases, antifreeze, fuel additives, and oil analysis programs.


We know that off highway equipment often operate in the most severe conditions. We are able to meet those conditions with quality lubricants from Valvoline. Our line up includes engine oils, transmission oils, planetary oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, synthetic oils, greases, synthetic greases, extended life antifreeze, fuel additives and oil analysis programs.

ULTRA diesel fuel is specially formulated for the hard- working fleets, construction, on road and other diesel powered engines in our region. ULTRA diesel fuel is only available from New West Oil.

ULTRA Diesel Fuel


  • Controls fuel-related deposits
  • Promotes more complete diesel fuel combustion
  • With continued use, cleans up injector deposits in modern, high pressure common rail direct injected fuel systems as well as prior generation injectors in legacy diesel engines. (Meets or exceeds industry standard tests, such as Cummins L-10, Peugeot XUD-9 and Peugeot DW-10)
  • Can help reduce emissions
  • Can help restore lost fuel economy


  • Improves lubricity, exceeding ASTM D975 and helps meet EMA (Engine Manufacturer’s Association) recommendations**Results are fuel specific
  • Promotes more complete diesel fuel combustion


  • Protects fuel system components, from storage tanks to injectors, from damage due to rust and corrosion
  • Extends the useful storage life of diesel fuel, resisting gum and resin formation

Ultra Fuel Meets Demands of Modern, High Pressure, Common Rail Direct Injected Fuel Systems

Dirty fuel injectors rob your engine of power and fuel economy. ULTRA keeps your fuel injectors clean and promotes proper combustion.

Environmental Services

We created New West Environmental to help our customers with their recovery services needs. We specialize in used oil pickup, used coolant pickup, used oil filter pickup, and vacuum services. 

  • Oily Water Recovery
  • Vacuum Truck Services
  • On Spec Burner Fuel & Blended Burner Fuel
  • Used Oil Recovery
  • Used Coolant Recovery
  • Used Oil Filter Recovery

The Benefits of New West Environmental

  • Reduced Liability
  • DOT Approved Vehicles
  • Local Facilities
  • Trained Courteous Drivers
  • EPA Registered Facilities
  • Tracking Documentation
  • Proper Management of Used Products
New West Oil is the the Exclusive Distributor of Car Brite appearance products and a full line of ancillary products.

Appearance Products

Car Care Products

Car Brite is ideal for new car dealerships, reconditioning centers, car washes, and body shops. New West Oil provides specialized service to your door with dedicated Car Brite product trucks and Car Care Professionals to assist you and answer all your automotive appearance questions. Car Brite provides extensive training both on-line and on-site to ensure your success.

New West Oil also offers detailing equipment and service as part of our One – Stop – Shopping vendor experience.

With a changing work force, ongoing environmental mandates and emerging technology from automobile manufacturers, the challenge to remain competitive, compliant and profitable has never been more difficult. New Car Brite Select Detailing System is more than a product line. It is a system developed to assist you with overcoming today’s challenges.

Car Brite offers one of the most intensive on-line and on-site training classes. When detailing a vehicle, the right technique is often as important as the right product. Recognizing that fact, Car Brite has developed a world class automotive reconditioning training program. Car Brite Select offers on-line training to your employees at No Charge. 

Equipment and Service | Independent Store Design

Authorized Distributor for Car Brite automotive appearance and car wash products, to include a full line of waxes, polishes, dressings, soaps, degreasers, glass cleaners, and much more that are ideal for the new car dealerships. We provide both on-line and on-site training, product demonstration, dedicated Car Brite personnel, inventory management, and CarBrite consumer promotions. New West Oil offers equipment and service programs to complete your detail service center including Graco and Alemite.

Ancillary Products

  • Gear Oil
  • Heavy Duty Greases
  • Brake Cleaner
  • Floor Mats/Seat Covers
  • Floor Dry
  • Wiper Blades
  • Oil, Cabin, and Air Filters
  • Zerex Coolant/Antifreeze
  • Automotive Chemicals

Our Commitment

to our customers

We Will. . .

  • strive to provide the best service in the industry.
  • act with utmost integrity with customers and suppliers.
  • work to promote the highest quality in our products and services.
  • demonstrate that our relationships with our business partners matter most.
  • make it easy to do business with us.